Relocation for work – part 2, say your farewells

The most difficult part of all relocations is leaving people. Saying your farewells has a dual face. It’s the best but also the saddest part when moving. It’s the best part because it keeps you busy, your diary is full of appointments with friends and activities but it’s also incredibly sad. Sad because you know that in a couple of weeks or days you are not gonna see your friends for a very very long time. The only time when you see them will be either on video or occasionally when you visit them or when they visit you.

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Mid-Autumn Festival Memories

Today is the day of the mid-autumn festival. It’s the second most important holiday after the Chinese New Year. It falls on the 15th day of the 8th month of the Chinese lunar calendar on a full moon night. During the festivities people celebrate the moon, give thanks for the harvest and eat mooncakes. Man… how I miss all those colourful decorations, the festive celebrations and the fire dragon dance.

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