Relocation for work – part 2, say your farewells

The most difficult part of all relocations is leaving people. Saying your farewells has a dual face. It’s the best but also the saddest part when moving. It’s the best part because it keeps you busy, your diary is full of appointments with friends and activities but it’s also incredibly sad. Sad because you know that in a couple of weeks or days you are not gonna see your friends for a very very long time. The only time when you see them will be either on video or occasionally when you visit them or when they visit you.

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The perfect boyfriend

Once during a beer my friend Chris told me to approach relationships the same way I approach work. Asked him if he means deadlines, timely delivery and escalations? Nooo silly he replied. I mean when you hear a NO, or something doesn’t go the way you planned, find a different way. Just like in your project. Are you discouraged if you hear a NO from your stakeholders? You’re not, you find other ways to make the project work. Same with man. If it doesn’t work out with one, keep looking and don’t get discouraged.

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Top 3 best and worst airlines

Eventually it had to write this post as what’s a travel life blog without a personal view on airlines, right? I never calculated how many miles I flew or how many hours I spent on board of an aircraft but once I sat in the cockpit. It was the most amazing experience ever. During a stopover in Turkey when the plane was parking at the gate the nice Italian pilot let me sit in his seat and explained some of the buttons. Man… best day ever 😀

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Bella Italia!

Italy is a very dangerous country. Yes, it is! The food is so great and amazingly delicious that gaining 5 kilos after a two-week stay is more than guaranteed. Hence dangerous as it might cause serious damage to the freshly trained six pack 😛 Although a visit to Italy is worth every gained kilogram. For that reason, I can’ wait for my skiing trip to Italy in December!

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