Alice, why do you dive?

Diving routine: dive, eat, sleep, repeat 😛

To pee in my wetsuit is the sarcastic answer. The long answer is a bit more complex. It means in this and the next two posts you will get to know why I’m crazy about diving, how to get started with diving, some funny stories related to diving and most of all what is it with the whole peeing in the wetsuit thing.

Somehow, every time, when I say that I do scuba diving, people think it’s dangerous and that it is some kind of extreme sport that is associated with high risk. Somehow it is when you are not careful, ignore basic safety rules and play all yippee ki yay cowboy. However diving is not only about jumping into the water and watching fish, there are rules on how to watch marine life. When you do it for some time you figure out it’s more like an escape from reality and very much eye opening when it comes to environment matters like ocean pollution, shark finning or global warming.

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Travel Transformation

Did you notice that travel got easier in the past ten years? I still remember when I had to print flight tickets, hotel reservations and carry maps of multiple cities when going abroad. Now everything is on my phone in different apps like or iPhone wallet. Instead of paper maps we have google maps… regardless I still get constantly lost as I have no sense of direction and my navigation goes something like… oh Zara I have to turn right. Also the low cost airlines made a big development jump or visa requirements even cashless payments or ATM transactions. With all those positive changes there is a huge negative one… garbage.

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