Welcome to Cabo Verde

First impression after landing? Not so great. Dark, empty, gloomy. That changed after two days of being here. Cabo Verde is not only beach and desert, but there are also many interesting places on the island. Also, when it comes to diving. I didn’t expect much from diving here – caverns and wrecks but after two diving days I’m seriously impressed. Cabo Verde in my country’s ranking is very close to reaching the top 10.

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Welcome to Horizon 3 Dive Boat

Alice, the happy diver 🙂

This post will be more about pictures than about text as it’s the fourth day on the dive boat and I already saw mantas, sharks, stingrays, turtles, big morrey eels, lobsters etc. and today we had a beach BBQ. However, I bet you are asking yourselves, how does a normal day on a dive safari look like?

Well, it’s pretty simple. You wake up and you dive. After the first dive you have breakfast, then you sleep. Second dive, you have lunch and you sleep. Third dive, then you have dinner and… nope, you sleep later. First you look at the pictures you took, chat to your fellow divers, have a beer and then you sleep. Next day, repet 😀

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Travel Transformation

Did you notice that travel got easier in the past ten years? I still remember when I had to print flight tickets, hotel reservations and carry maps of multiple cities when going abroad. Now everything is on my phone in different apps like booking.com or iPhone wallet. Instead of paper maps we have google maps… regardless I still get constantly lost as I have no sense of direction and my navigation goes something like… oh Zara I have to turn right. Also the low cost airlines made a big development jump or visa requirements even cashless payments or ATM transactions. With all those positive changes there is a huge negative one… garbage.

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