The Day After Cure

If all the methods to avoid a hangover fail because you just couldn’t say no to those tequila shots… hangover remediation is the only solution. There are a couple of methods that will linger the pain.

Another lie that you tell yourself apart from – I can go out just for one beer is, OK, one more and I’m going home. It never ends with one. Somehow you manage to get home and crawl to bed. In the morning you wake up with a massive headache and tell more lies to yourself. Like, alcohol is bad, I’m not drinking ever again, it was the last time I had tequila shots. Yeah… hangover bullshit. Until you change your mind some hangover remediation work needs to happen. The most crucial bit is to drag yourself to the bathroom to brush your teeth, take a shower and eventually get dressed. That will help you feel like a human again. Next there are couple of methods to make you feel fully functional.


Smack a wedge, meaning have an alcoholic drink. How weird it might sound, having a beer or a glass of wine to cure your hangover actually helps. Once my Dad told me about that trick. Didn’t believe him in the first place as the last thing you want to look at when hungover is alcohol.

Well, that helped after like 30 min I felt fine again. Although this is a very effective method of curing hangovers, it’s definitely not my favourite one. Simply, the thought of putting alcohol in my mouth after a long party night is just not my thing. Tried it twice, it did help but definitely not my cup of tea. However, some of my friends use that method and it works very well for them. 


Now that’s my favourite hangover cure. Go to the sauna and sweat all the toxins out. This depends on when the saunas in your town open, in Kraków my favourite sauna opens at noon during weekends. Which is perfect as after a whole night of party and drinking I don’t get up earlier than at noon. Curing a hangover with a sauna visit is quite multidimensional. Firstly, you sweat as hell in 90 degrees, then you jump into ice cold water and at the end you drink lots of water. Repeat that three times plus a couple of minutes in the steam room and you will feel like a new-born again. Did that many times and it helped a lot. Even if you feel like not bothered to get out of bed at all, gather all the strength you have and move your ass to the closest sauna. You won’t regret it.


As odd as it might sound, physical exercise is highly beneficial to get rid of a hangover. Again, as difficult as it might be to get out of bed the morning after, go for a short run for example. It doesn’t have to be hard core gym training.

A 30 min run does miracles. Presume that the body is burning the toxins faster as the heart rate rises. One time after feeling like crap for most of the day I did some yoga and surprise, surprise it helped. Felt much better after that. If you combine exercise and a sauna visit, success is guaranteed. Firstly, you will get rid of the toxins while sweating during running and then sweet even more in the sauna. There is also a unique story behind that tip. During a trip to London my friend and I got a bit hammered. The party lasted till like 5 am. Instead of going to our rooms to catch some sleep we decided to go for a run. Seriously! Hyde park looks amazing during sunrise. After a 60 minutes trot we felt excellent. Not sure if it was the run or the fact that I was eighteen then 😛

Hot soup like ramen

Now that’s something less tiring. If you can’t be bothered to leave the house, order a nice and hot soup. Ramen is perfect for that matter. Couple of years back when I worked for a start-up, sometimes we had special events after work. Guess what? The alcohol was pouring during those events. Couple of times the day after I didn’t completely feel fit and ready to rock. Sadly, I had to go to the office. During lunch time I usually went to a place next door as they served delicious ramen. I ordered the hot and spicy one. After that the hangover was gone and I caught up with work for the rest of the day. Success! Perfect combination of party and get your work done 😀 However, it is not recommended to party during the week. Way too uncomfortable. Weekends are much better for it 😉


If everything else fails, sleep is the remaining option to feel better. If you feel completely like crap and leaving the house is out of the question… take a shower and go to bed.

Just remember to have a bottle of water next to you. Personally, I really like this method. I use it as an excuse to stay in bed the whole day and not do anything else. The only drawback here is that you are wasting a whole day. Well, you can’t have everything. Did that after my birthday party this year. With my GFs we finished at 4 am and when I woke up around 2 pm my head was spinning. As it was quite cold outside I decided to stay in bed and watch Netflix. Guarantee that after a whole day spent on catching up with sleep you will feel very refreshed the next day 😉

If I had to pick a method, I would definitely go for exercise combined with sauna. This is what I did one time after a Friday party evening in Hong Kong. Of course tequila was involved. The next day I promised my friend to go hiking with her. Geez… we went to lion rock and for the first part of the hike I wanted to die… literally. I drank like two litres of water and gathered all my strength to keep walking up the hill. Then suddenly everything got better. After the hike I got something to eat and once I returned to my apartment building went to the sauna. Around 4 pm I felt full of energy again. Although sometimes all methods fail and the only one remaining was sleep. The day after my farewell drinks in HK I was supposed to meet my friends for suitcase shopping. I got up and went for brunch with another friend but didn’t feel good at all. Didn’t have energy to exercise and the sauna was closed due to covid restrictions ;( Well, eventually I moved my ass to meet my friends for shopping. The minute they saw me they said – Dude you look like shit. Yep guys I feel like shit. As those were my very good friends, they took care of me by… forcing a bloody mary down my throat. Apparently it should help. Nope. It didn’t help at all. I felt a bit better for like an hour, to do my shopping but after it was just worse. Felt like a balloon without air. The only thing I could do was to go to bed and sleep… a lot. The next day, the world was beautiful again.

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