Wrinkle, Wrinkle

You remember the movie Death Becomes Her? Madeline Ashton the main character sits in front of a mirror and says – wrinkle, wrinkle little star. Hope they never see the scars. Sadly, this is the reality after you turn 30. Maybe not thinking hope they never see the scars but wrinkle, wrinkle definitely.

Did you think that going through puberty is dreadful? Waking up every morning with lovely new pimples on your face? Yeah, after turning 30 you wake up, look in the mirror and think… hmmm that line wasn’t here yesterday. Then you run to the closest store to buy expensive anti-wrinkle creams with donkey testicles extract hoping that IT will return your baby face. That won’t work. Unfortunately, with age the skin loses collagen, becomes thinner and becomes less smooth. We start noticing wrinkles and dark spots. As nowadays the world got obsessed with eternal youth no wonder that cosmetic industries are a pure gold mine. Now, I have no intention in shaming the cosmetic business, not at all! Point is that we start doing something with our skin when we notice the first lines on our forehead or around the eyes. By then it’s too late. Taking care of our skin should start years before that, ideally in the early 20’s.

Pore clays mask, snail essence and brightening sheet masks – all you need 🙂

There was a time when my bathroom represented the whole Body Shop assortment. I had everything from exfoliants over different face creams to face masks. I did use all those products only, what’s the point when I still made lots of skin care mistakes. The main three would be

1.     Makeup removal

Yeah, didn’t always do that. Sometimes after studying for exams, I fell asleep on the sofa. Woke up in the middle of the night and went to the bedroom to continue sleeping. Makeup stayed on. The morning after not only were my eyes swollen from the mascara that was there the whole time the pillow had disgusting black stains on it. Bleh… Or another way of removing make up was to wash my face and remove the mascara with the towel while drying the face. No using any makeup removal stuff or a toner after washing. No no no and no! This is not the way how makeup should be removed. Luckily, I didn’t damage my face skin badly with those practices. Makeup should be removed with a cotton pad and a makeup removal product. Also, the face needs to be washed properly to remove all that shit which got stuck to your face over the day. Then toner + crème and presto! Now I never go to bed without removing makeup. If I feel like I wanna do an afternoon nap I remove the makeup before 😛

2.     Skin care daily not once a week

Monday acid peeling

Every Saturday I used to put lots of different face masks on my face one after another. Didn’t matter if a face mask was hydrating, purifying, calming etc. all of them went on my face one after another. Again, no no no and no. You either do something that is purifying or hydrating or calming. Point is that you can do all of that only not during one evening but every day something different. Now I have my schedule.

Monday is exfoliant day, Tuesday hydrating day, Wednesday sleeping mask etc. Think that works. I do occasionally get pimples but that’s mostly after a diving trip – seawater and sweat contribute to it a lot. Point is that I don’t invest hours to do that. In the evening when Netflix is on I put on a face mask. I set the timer for 20 minutes, watch Squid Game for example and the skin is absorbing all that good stuff from the snail essence sheet mask 😀 Easy!

3.     Sunbathing 

Until my 30’s, summer or beach holidays without a proper suntan were wasted and could be considered as never happening. I was lying on a deckchair from 11 am till 4 pm. After the first two days I was red like a lobster. Sunscreen 15 or above was non existing in my opinion. Two weeks later I returned home being crisp brow. My last sunbathing adventure was in Kenya in 2017. During this trip although I used spf45 I came back home dry and brown like a resin.

This is how it was in my 20’s
This is how it is now 😀

From 2018 I didn’t expose my body to the sun anymore. Every time when I leave the house, I put spf50 on my face. If I’m wearing sleeveless tops, I put spf50 on all body parts that are not covered. Problem is when I go on holiday and the sun shines all day long. Well, sunscreen 50 is a must. I stay in the shade, cover up with clothes made from linen or carry an umbrella with me. Yep, I know how that sounds but that’s something I learned in Asia… always have an umbrella with you as it not only protects from rain but also from the sun. The only tan I get nowadays is a diver’s tan. Meaning my hands are brown as I wear a long wetsuit. You know what, in the past I thought that getting a nice suntan is lots of work… not getting a suntan is much more difficult 😛

Well, now I know much more about basic skincare than ten years ago. Luckily, I had a very good skin care mentor – my bestie PRS. She was kind enough to share with me some cool tips and tricks. Like the benefits of acids and vitamin C. One time when I told PRS that I don’t use a toner as this is a waste of time. The look she gave me could kill an army of people. Then I heard, how can you not use a toner? It’s essential to keep the skin moist before applying any other products…. Yyyyyy OK, fine. 

After that incident, PRS recommended a book. Yes, a book. The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin by Charlotte Cho. Not only is it a cool book where Charlotte describes her adventures in Seoul, she also gives useful skincare tips and tricks. Recommend everybody in their 20’s and 30’s to read that book. Read it in two evenings. Two as somewhere in the middle of the book got up and spent a long time in front of the mirror to take a closer look at my skin. Result, it wasn’t as bad as I thought 😉

On top of that, what I do at home, once a month is to go to a cosmetic salon to get a facial. I’ve been going to the same beautician – Agata for the past eight years. She knows my skin and always recommends what should be done to keep the wrinkles away. My next appointment is scheduled for coming Monday… I can’t wait! 

Ageing isn’t easy, especially when you notice wrinkles or ageing spots on your face or a growing double chin… yeah thanks Mum for that genetic feature 😛 Ideally, I would like to press a stop button when I was 25. My skin looked more radiant than now but that’s impossible. On the other hand, I don’t plan to go crazy with cosmetics or cosmetic procedures to keep my skin looking like I was 25. It has no point. What I can do and what I can recommend to you is to keep a reasonable approach towards skincare. Have a morning ritual which doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes and an evening ritual which can take a bit longer. For example, every morning I wash my face, apply toner, eye crème and a couperose skin crème around the nose area. Then I go to make my bed, put on the cattle, make coffee. Five minutes later I apply a day crème on my face. The whole procedure doesn’t take longer than 10 minutes. In the evening depending on the day, I either scrub, hydrate or brighten my skin. That takes a bit longer but as mentioned I can watch Netflix in the meantime. Think it works as sometimes when I buy wine, I get asked for my ID. It mostly happens when I don’t wear makeup. Then the shop assistant looks at the birth date on the ID and doesn’t believe that I’m 35 😛 It’s funny. When I was 16 and was buying alcohol, nobody asked me to show my ID. 

However, I noticed something else. The way we feel has a huge effect on our skin. When I meet my friends who I haven’t seen for a long time every time I hear – Alice did you do something? You look so radiant! Well, I got divorced was the answer. Since then I try to keep up the good mood 😉

3 thoughts on “Wrinkle, Wrinkle

  1. Awesome post! And isn’t it wild how all these older celebrities edit and filter their beautifully-aged faces to oblivion? I wish we had a culture that embraced letting our age show…

    Could not relate more to #3. In my teens I was always laying out in the sun trying to turn my pink skin tan, now I’m all about that SPF life. Big brimmed hats and long sleeves are my love language 😆 I admit I hated the feel of American sunscreens and THEN I began using Asian sunscreens….idk what magic is in those formulas but i am obsessed!


    1. 😆 yup… never leave the house without applying spf… and I apply it again after and hour outside. But yeah completely agree… ageing isn’t anything you should be ashamed of only take care of the skin without going mental 😉

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