The perfect boyfriend

Once during a beer my friend Chris told me to approach relationships the same way I approach work. Asked him if he means deadlines, timely delivery and escalations? Nooo silly he replied. I mean when you hear a NO, or something doesn’t go the way you planned, find a different way. Just like in your project. Are you discouraged if you hear a NO from your stakeholders? You’re not, you find other ways to make the project work. Same with man. If it doesn’t work out with one, keep looking and don’t get discouraged.

Told that theory to my GF Claire on Friday when we spoke, and she said there is lots of truth in it. Besides, she mentioned that each first date is like a job interview. I would agree with it. When you go for a first date there is the aspect of feeling like during a job interview. Even the questions are similar. Typical job interview question is for example: please walk me through your CV. During the first date you ask stuff like, oh what do you do. Or another interview one, please give me a specific example when you have failed. On the first date you would ask, is there something you don’t like? 

As Claire and I continued talking we went one step further. Why not advertise an open role for the perfect boyfriend? Come on, when relationships and our work have so many similarities putting together a boyfriend job description and requirements would make things so much easier.

GoT meme found on the Internet

Claire said, Alice you have to write about it on your blog only remember to put together a detailed list of requirements. Told her that this is a great idea 😛 What should my perfect boyfriend job advert look like? Hmmm I imagine something like this.

Responsibilities of a perfect boyfriend

1.     Have a high level of patience while being with a strong and independent woman who has her own opinion 

2.     Provide support for your girlfriend when it comes to reaching for mugs on the top shelf

3.     Providing a decent level of support when it comes to household related tasks

4.     Inspire me and be able to teach me something new as well as challenge me to do and learn new things

5.     Provide input and crazy ideas on how to spend time together

6.     Going out for dinner with good food, wine and chocolate

7.     Provide analysis and subject matter expertise during lingerie shopping 

Requirements for the perfect boyfriend

1.     Have a job. Doesn’t matter what kind of job as long as you have one

2.     Proven experience of traveling to different countries and experiencing local food and culture

3.     Have hobbies, like sports, be sporty and active. Preferably scuba diving, skiing, wakeboarding but other sports are also very welcome. If you are a couch potato this job is not for you

4.     Be a fan of at least one of the following: Game of Thrones, Harry Potter, Star Wars, The Simpsons, Indiana Jones, Lord of the Rings, Battlestar Galactica

5.     Know how to communicate and talk to women not using cliché sentences like you are so beautiful 

6.     Be a bit arrogant. Not ashole arrogant, only a bit 😉

7.     Have a good sense of humour as I love to laugh. In my understanding a good sense of humour is a mix between sarcasm, irony, funny comparisons and storytelling

8.     You need to be warm, caring and have a touch of sensitivity

9.     You need to be tall, slim, blond with green or blue eyes and a lovely smile 

10.  You can’t be Polish as I have had bad experiences with Polish blokes. Preferably German, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, Belgian or French

NOTE: If you fulfil all the above requirements, please submit your CV with a decent picture and rationale why you would make a perfect boyfriend to

Indeed! Internet found memes always tell the truth 😛

With that in place I wonder how the recruitment process would look like? Looking at the CVs is one point and quite easy to do only how to proceed with the interviews. Would they be date based, task based, or sports activity based?

Most of all!!!! Would the interviews however they might look like be conducted only by me or in collaboration with my girlfriends. Think I would ask my girlfriends for help as they would provide a different perspective to the recruitment process. Plus, we would have plenty to talk about and analyse 😛

Despite that it is just a fun fantasy, a boyfriend interview would actually be the perfect solution. Clear requirements which lead to time savings and most of all no more tinder or other online dating app disappointments. Anyway, dating is like hunting for the perfect job at the perfect company. You look for something that fits your experience, interests and would make you happy. Also, when you outgrow your role, you take it to the next level. Same as with a relationship. I searched for a long time for a job in the perfect company and I found that company. Now it’s just a matter of doing my best to reach the next level of experience. So why not having an interview for the perfect boyfriend 😛 Did some research and found a cool video on YouTube about that. Take a look. 

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