Look after your inner child

When I was 10 years old, I thought that people in the age of 30+ are serious, well established and do grown up stuff like going to work or driving a car. Man, little did I know about people in their 30ties by that time. Now I’m 35 myself and sometimes I feel like 7 or 16. Although I do the grown-up stuff like going to work or driving a car, I put all the effort in to keep my inner child alive. Otherwise, life would be so boring.

With the balloon puddles we went to have hun in a Cosmic Games Pub

Sunday when going to meet my friend JR I was passing though the Main Market square. Imagine there were street artists who were making balloon art. Spontaneously, I’ve asked them to prepare a classic balloon puddle. One for me, one for JR.

What surprised me most was that an elderly couple ordered two big dragons. I got into conversation with them, and it turned out that they are coming back for an exotic food market. They were tasting freshly grilled octopus and now, they felt like getting some balloon art. The Lady told me, yes, we do crazy things even at our age, but we are just looking after our inner child. Now how cool is that! 

Unfortunately, when we grow up, we lose the inner child somewhere between finishing university and starting the first job. We tend to forget how much fun it was to hang out with friends after school playing football, rollerblading or stealing apples from the neighbour’s garden. The biggest thing we lose when we grow up is the ability to wonder. We start to think that having childish fun is not for us anymore or that behaving like a kid in some situations is embarrassing. Nothing more wrong. Hence for the past months I’ve been keeping my inner child very much alive with various activities.

Rollerblading for example. As a kid I used to speed down the road on my rollerblades or hang out with my friends and try out new rollerblading tricks. Have to mention that I wasn’t wearing a helmet or any knee, elbow or wrist pads. Apparently, I thought I was made out of rubber… but surprisingly I didn’t have any injuries. Now after like 20-something years I bought rollerblades again, only this time with a set of protective pads… I’m not made out of rubber anymore. First attempt to rollerblade again was quite scary, I have to admit. I thought, shit what if I fall down and break something? Luckily after some baby steps my brain remembered how to rollerblade and the fear faded away. After an hour I was as happy as back then in 1998 when rolling down the road in my hometown. Not to mention my inner child was jumping out of joy!

Actually, lately I’m doing lots of sports. Daily yoga of course, started to learn wakeboarding and next week I’ll be back on the pole! Finally, back on the pole, after three months waiting for my broken wrist to get better. That reminds me very much of the time when I was truly 16. I had kung fu training three times a week and volleyball practice one a week and the cherry on top French language classes. Now I’m also constantly doing something, and my inner child is happier than ever. 

And childish behaviour? Ammmm every time when I see a puddle, I deliberately jump into it 😛 Actually, one time in Vietnam when it started to rain heavily, I got so excited that I simply had to walk in the rain and jump into each of the huge puddles.

Jump around in puddles during rain… heal yeah!

It was such an amazing feeling, especially as the rain was warm and the water drops were gigantic. The beauty of tropical rain. Not sure why I’m so obsessed with rain. Maybe because my grandfather told me if I stand under the gutter during rain, I will grow very tall. As a kid I believed him and every time it was raining, I was standing under the gutter. Unfortunately, grandad was mistaken as I didn’t grow tall but the love for running in the rain stayed. Yeah, I am a little nutcase but with a very happy inner child 😉

And wondering? I try to wonder as much as I can… Like two weeks ago I went for a walk after Sunday lunch, and couldn’t believe my eyes. I walked down Kanonicza street in Kraków dozens of times before but never noticed that there is a Ministry of Mysteries café. Ofcoz I walked in! The interior is a bit like taken from Harry Potter – old bookshelves, brooms hanging from the ceiling, a magic potion decoration. I walked around the café looking into every corner and reading every poster which had a magic tale on it. It was a really great place. What made it ever better was that, when ordering a drink, you can have a book from the shelve for free 😀 Well, couldn’t resist that. Every time I see something beautiful, I wonder. Like the full moon last week or the vineyard that is in Bielany district, a bit outside of Kraków. I had no idea that there is a vineyard and that it looks pretty cool. However!!! The best way to wonder on a daily basis is when your partner puts his used socks to the dirty laundry basket. 

Magic potion in front of Ministry of Magic Cafe
The brooms of all the ministers 😀
Would you believe that this vineyard is in Kraków

There is also the thing about playgrounds. Every time I see a swing, I have to jump on it and don’t care when people are looking at me like a weirdo. On the other hand, why not invent playgrounds for grownups? With bigger, more curvy slides or a sandbox with a cocktail bar? That would be a good idea, don’t you think? However, to give my inner child a bit more thrill, in three weeks I’m going to an amusement park with my friend Ann. Can’t wait to try out all the roller-coasters and merry-go-rounds. That will be very much fun with the inner child screaming out of pure excitement. The last time I was in an amusement park was in 2018 in Universal Studios in Osaka. I went there as they have a Harry Potter world. Let me tell you this… the moment I saw Hogwarts, Hogsmeade Village with Zonko’s Joke Shop and Honeydukes the smile on my face could serve as the textbook example for excited, thrilled and unconditionally happy 😀 That I could consider as a playground for grownups, especially as butterbeer was a bit stronger in percentage, if you know what I mean 😉

Look, being a grownup doesn’t mean that you have to forget about your inner child. It’s important to keep it alive. Especially as now Mum and Dad are not in the position to tell you that you can’t have ice cream for breakfast or be home at 10 pm from a party 😉

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