Euro Finale

It’s the Euro Cup Football finale today. Italy against England. Why am I so excited about it? Poland didn’t make it to the final stage, which is not a surprise nor do I play football myself nor do I know much about it. The only thing I know about football is that it’s a game with two goals that is played by 22 players for 90 minutes and in the end the Germans always win… unfortunately not this time. However, the Euro or World Cup is always a good opportunity for socialising.

What’s with the football thing?

My favourite argument that I always have with my American friends is how to call the game. Football or soccer? No offense guys but in Europe it’s football, it always was and it always will be as on the Old Continent we play football with the feet and legs, not with the hands, OK? Clear? Cool! As we sorted it out, I can focus on the main thing. Why do I watch football? I have no idea what an offsite is or when a free kick is granted but I do know what a penalty is and the team that scores the most goals wins, simple. The reason however why I watch football are the players… dahhhh. Last week during the semi-finals I watched the game with my friend PF and it’s a huge pity that no TV station asked us to provide the game commentary as it looked more or less like that:

–          Hey, check out that number 10 guy

–          Oh yeah, good one but my eyes are on the number 7 guy, prefer men with longer hair

–          Aha, OK OK… look, the referee isn’t bad either

Actually when I think about it, there should be two different commentaries, for men and for woman. The one for men would be focused on the boring stuff. Something like: Silva passes a perpendicular ball to Ronaldo. Ronaldo shoots, he scores… goal, goal, goal for Portugal. Oh Noooooooooo, nooooooo it’s an offsite.

For women it could look more like: ladies, today Belgium is playing against Finland and we have something to look forward to. In the Belgium team we have two Hazard brothers: Thorgen and Eden. Although both of them are incredibly handsome with charming eyes and a warm smile, unfortunately both of them are taken… What a shame.

World Cup 2014 was in Brazil and the finale took place on The Maracana stadium in Rio de Janeiro
Germany was playing against Argentina in the finale and the handsome German Team won 😀
Looking at the date it was 7 years ago. Unfortunately Germany wasn’t that lucky this year in the Euro Cup… darnit!
Just had to take that pic 😀

However, if you are interested you can follow them on Instagram, the account names visible on the screen now. That would make football fun to watch for us, wouldn’t it? At least my girlfriends and I wouldn’t have to do the commentary ourselves.

BUT!!! from all those teams that are representing European countries, Germany always had the best looking players, so yeah at this point I have to admit, I do support Germany 😀 Come on, have you seen the German goalkeeper, Manuel Neuer? No… yeah do check him out, perfect combination of cute eyes, nice smile and muscles. It’s not only the current goalkeeper. Germany has a good history of handsome players. I always fancied Michael Ballack. As my friend MSz would say… fab, fab, fab. Although my ultimate favourite of all time whose poster was hanging over my bed is Jürgen Kliensman. Now he is 56 years old and still looks good. Obviously I do have a thing for Germany guys 😀 no shame in that! You might ask, when you like looking at football players, why don’t you follow the Champions League or one of the country leagues like Premier League or LaLiga? Nehhh, I prefer to invest my time in doing something else and besides Euro or World Football Championships are special events that take place every four years. During that time every person turns into a football expert, gathering together in a pub or hosting house parties to watch football. I did that as well!

Get together, grab a beer and watch football

I have some cool memories relating to watching football with my friends. One of them relates to the World Cup 2006 in Germany. That time I was living in England and working in a hotel as a waitress. During the games our restaurant manager decided to install a TV in the waiters’ room so we could watch the matches. Amazing idea! During one weekend when England was playing against Portugal in the quarterfinal, we had a wedding in the hotel. The game didn’t go that well for England. After 90 minutes it was a draw so the game went to extra time. After the additional 30 minutes it was still 0:0 so the team that was going to play in the semi-finals had to be chosen by penalties. By the time we were supposed to serve dinner to the wedding guests the extra time was finishing and the penalties were starting. All the hotel staff… ahhh and some wedding guests as well gathered in front of the TV to support England. At some point the hotel manager came into the waiters’ room and started shouting that the guests are hungry and are waiting for dinner so we should immediately start serving the food. The restaurant manager however stood up and said: nobody is doing any work until the penalties are over… fuck off. Apparently it worked as we continued watching, sadly England lost :/

This year the Euro 2020 Football Cup takes place in 2021 as covid had influence even on that. Regardless, I’m happy that it’s taking place anyway. Today we have England playing against Italy. Despite my huge respect for the English Team I do hope that the Azzurii will win, not only as Italy’s players are more handsome but also it feels right for Italy to win after the disaster during 2012 Euro Cup where they lost 4:0 against Spain. To celebrate the finale I went to The Temple bar in Krakow.  I discovered it by coincidence when my friend Gabor was organising a get-together to watch the game Germany against Hungary. The match finished with a draw and Germany moved to ⅛ finals but the after game party was superb! Let’s see how it goes today. Although I’m saying  FORZA ITALIA, regardless of the score the party will be amazing 🙂

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