The Unexpected

Most accidents happen at home. Currently couldn’t agree more with that statement. Thursday I was practising yoga as usual and driven by curiosity decided to try out a new posture, fallen angel. The angel did indeed fall as I lost balance and hurt my wrist. Thought, meh no big deal, hurts a bit but will go away tomorrow. I was wrong. When I woke up the next day my wrist was twice the size and it hurt as hell.

Got an ad-hoc doctor appointment and after the x-ray it was obvious the wrist is broken. Luckily it’s not serious as the small wrist bones are not damaged; only the long bone next to the thumb is chipped. Bad news is, it’s my strong hand, the right one. So what now? Sit down, cry and sink in self-pity? No way lahhhh. I still have my left hand and there are many things I can do with it, even putting on makeup 😛 But seriously, what now? Nothing, life goes on, a broken wrist is not the end of the world. Yes, I have to reprioritise my activities, which means no pole dancing, no extreme yoga, no rollerblading or horse riding but I can still work, go for walks and sightseeing trips, meet my friends, write blog posts, go for a massage or even a manicure. Accidents happen, only depends how you look at them. My approach is, I can’t do anything about the situation apart from accepting it and manage the best way I can. I don’t punish myself with thoughts like, why did you do it, couldn’t you be more focused, what if… Oh man, no, those kind of thoughts are the path to the dark side. Also come on it’s not the first time when I faced an unexpected health situation.

15 minutes after getting sick underwater 😀

Like this time during diving in Mexico. Was climbing up the ladder to the boat and a big wave hit me and I drank lots of salt water. Obviously a couple of minutes later I threw up overboard.

After the surface break I felt OKish so jumped into the water thinking that I’ll feel better underwater, which usually is the case when you feel a bit wobbly on the boat. Well, at around 7 meters I knew, it’s coming, I’m gonna get sick… and I did. Have to tell you that it is possible to throw up underwater, you do it through the regulator. Only you need to stay calm, focused, remember to clean the regulator with the special button and keep constantly in mind that you are underwater and grasping for fresh air is impossible so concentrate and deal with the situation. After the incident I felt immediately better and continued diving. Another time, when I was working in the UK, during my day off I went with my friend sunbathing at the river. Sadly, the sun was at the other riverbank. Not a problem, we crossed the river, climbed up the cliff, walked a bit in the bushes and climbed down to a nice sunbathing spot. On the way back, when I was climbing the cliff, I grabbed a decayed bough which stayed in my hand and I fell from quite high into ankle deep water on my back. No idea how it happened but the only thing I broke was the nail on the bad finger. Also hurt my lower back to the extent that I wasn’t able to bend for like two weeks but hey ho needed to get creative at work to deliver my tasks as I refused going on sick leave. There is the thing when something unexpected happens to your body that limits you from performing daily activities which you normally take for granted. You get creative and look for a different way and start thinking what can I learn from this situation.

Now I’m limited from doing many daily activities, like tying hair to a bun, making the bed neatly or putting on and fastening a bra. Activities that normally require both hands, on top of that please keep in mind that I live alone. Sounds difficult but not impossible. Wear the hair loose, bed is still neatly made and the bra… yeah I fasten it the other way round on the waist, turn it so that the cups are in the front and pull it up… all with the left hand 😀  I have challenges like that every day, today need to bring out the garbage and can’t wait how that will be performed with a broken wrist. Look, living alone has its pros and cons. On one hand you have your peace and quiet when needed on the other hand when something unexpected happens you are on your own and you need to deal with it one way or another, where whining and complaining isn’t an option. Do or don’t there is no try like Yoda said. As you might notice I’m not making a big deal out of the situation, because there is no point. Also, I’m the opinion that things happen for a reason.

That’s a thumb’s up btw. Although the orthotic looks kinda cool, Darth Vader style 😛
Regardless of the situation, broken wrist or not, style stays

Maybe with the broken wrist, the universe is trying to tell me that I should slow down, focus on other things or simply prevent a more severe accident with a small inconvenience. Guess I’ll never find out. There is a silver lining however, the situation happened four weeks before my Maldives diving trip which means I have enough recovery time and according to the doctor I can go diving beginning June but have to wear an orthotic. Until then keep calm and carry on 🙂

P.S. After I finished writing the post today afternoon, met my friend DJS for a walkie-coffee. When I asked for her help in changing the bedsheets, she said “ofcoz, completely understand and happy to help as this is something you won’t do with one hand”. In return, I squeezed some fresh grapefruit-orange juice… using the left hand only. Thanks D :*

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