Who wants to, finds a solution, who doesn’t finds a reason, did my Dad say after I was constantly finding excuses for not doing the dishes. Was around eleven when he said that to me, subconsciously I applied that rule throughout my life and only lately in my thirties realised that the Old Man war right again! If I’m determined to do or to have something I search for solutions and explore each possibility, there is. I’m like a knight who fights even when wounded and bleeding but still can lift herself on the sword and is able to hold and swing the sword. Only give up when stabbed to death. Lately my determination is at its peak. During covid times there are many restrictions and even more activities I want to do so I don’t have the feeling of wasted time and most of all I don’t wanna get crazy while working from home the whole time.

Generally, the whole pandemic situation makes me feel incredibly trapped and isolated. On the other hand, when you live a single life you are somehow used to being on your own and to keep yourself company. Have to admit that during covid times my social life is more flourishing than before. I meet friends more often for walkie-coffee for example. And what about travel during the pandemic? You might think, impossible, way too many restrictions, dangerous etc. Nope… Who wants to, finds a solution, who doesn’t finds a reason. Maybe now I don’t start my travel search with – oh, wonder if there are cheap tickets to Brazil but with – oh wonder where I’ll be allowed in… regardless it’s possible. 

End of 2020 I’ve taken four weeks off from work and went to the Canary Islands, Andalusia and Portugal. Geez, was planning the route for like two months and had several options depending on the constantly changing situation in Europe. Initially planned for Andalusia, Portugal and Malta… didn’t happen as there were not many direct flights from Portugal to Malta and eventually Malta tightened the entry restrictions… Each day I was checking on official country webpages who can enter and under which conditions. Honestly for a brief moment I thought that my long awaited holiday will go down the drain. But sooner I’ll stand on my eyelashes then give up.

Eventually at the beginning of December I decided to buy the tickets, book the hotels and cars… though what the hell let’s do it, the situation in Spain doesn’t look like changing in the coming 10 days. Frankly speaking, had to take a PCR test, which turned out negative. With that one test could fly over to Tenerife, surprisingly nobody asked me for the test result at the airport, only during check in at the hotel, later flew to Malaga to do some sightseeing around Andalusia and finished the whole trip in Portugal. Luckily mainland Portugal didn’t have any entry restrictions whatsoever by that time. You might ask, was it worth it during corona times? OH HELL YEAH IT WAS! Wearing a mask all the time is a small price to pay for new experiences like driving on narrow mountain roads, visit amazing places like Game of Thrones filming locations and at least for some time see something different than the four walls of your apartment.

At that point I have to put my favourite meme (found on the internet) here from the Wolf of Wall Street… Travel during corona is possible, depending on how badly you want it 😉

Hope you Guys won’t mind but can’t stop myself from writing it… a story when determination played a joke on me and all mine threats – I’d sooner do blah then give up, to teach me a lesson.

My 2021 new year’s resolution was to finally learn how to ski but all ski slopes in Poland were closed due to covid restrictions… all? Don’t think so as Polish people are masters at finding a way to bypass the rules. Did some research and it turned out there is a slope in the Silesia region that is operating because they rebranded themselves to be a training centre, as training centres for pro sports were allowed to stay open.

Skiing heaven in Bialka Tatrzanska, Poland
I do night diving, why not try night skiing

They were running “weekend training courses”, so on the slope you didn’t have skiers but trainees… smart. After a short call with a super nice lady from the training centre, had my course and instructor booked for three weekends in a row. Joke on me was that one week after booking everything, an official announced was published that the slopes were allowed to open 😀 Imagine all my “huhu, stupid restrictions… I will learn how to ski even if I have to walk on my own feet to the Alps and do it there”.  Yeah, patience is something I’m still learning, it’s definitely not one of my strengths.

But hey at least I could do legit skiing for five weekends straight until the government closed the slopes again.

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