This is Alice

Welcome to Indeed Alice, a blog which creation got triggered by my girlfriends asking me over and over the same question after coming back from a single trip: why don’t you write about your stories and experiences? Answer mostly was: I can’t write, if I wrote something in most cases it would be stamped as “reader discretion is advised” due to bad language used in the descriptions.

On the other hand, why not give it a try. So what will you find here and what is there for you? Mostly how it is and feels like to be a single female traveller, single life when not on the road as well as how to cope with all that jazz that is called life and finding a purpose to sometimes fill the emptiness. The purpose is not to brag or make you change your viewpoint or priorities but share stories, thoughts and actions which were helpful for me and maybe inspire some of you out there to leave your comfort zone and do some crazy shit. So regardless who you are, where you from or what you do please join me on the single traveller journey during taxi, take-off and landing.

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