This is Alice

Welcome to Indeed Alice, a blog which creation got triggered by my girlfriends asking me over and over the same question after coming back from a single trip: why don’t you write about your stories and experiences? Answer mostly was: I can’t write, if I wrote something in most cases it would be stamped as “reader discretion is advised” due to bad language used in the descriptions.

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Questions and changes

Are you… ?

not afraid, 

not bored,

don’t you feel lonely

and my favourite, where is your husband

Yap, random questions I get when saying I’m traveling alone. Initially those were irritating me gigantically but with time started to laugh at those and was finding ironical responses for them like, are you not bored, nope I get to spend time with the most fabulous person ever – myself 😛

You are…!




Yap, random statements I get when saying I’m traveling alone. Not hiding it is flattering but I don’t think I am any of the above. I only do what I love most, which is traveling, exploring and experiencing as I feel alive then. Selfish how it may sound but my Dad used to say “take care of yourself first then others”. After a couple of years I have to admit the Old Man was right.

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