Have you packed?

This time in five days I’ll be on the plane from Qatar to Male and no I haven’t packed yet. Packing is an inherent element of traveling. Some love to pack, others hate it more than anything. Regardless which group you are in, packing is unavoidable if you don’t wanna end up wearing the same clothes for several days in a row. I personally love packing my suitcase as it is the sign that a journey will start shortly. Over the years I’ve developed some kind of packing system and some good habits that helped me to reduce the packing activities to max 60 min before departure – all depending on how long the trip is. Today I’ll be revealing some of my best-guarded secrets when it comes to packing and how to do it efficiently without spending hours and hours on it. Plus, my favourite travel story that involves packing.

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Perspective Changing Moments

Have you ever experienced a point in life where everything in and around you falls apart and every door you knock on trying to open it, is closed? Yep, and you just stand there scratching your head asking yourself WTF? After all your plans, perspectives, thoughts turn into rubble you stand in the middle of it all buck naked and don’t know what to do?

That’s not a meme downloaded from the internet. True picture taken in Repulse Bay in Hong Kong

Eventually you start picking up the pieces to build something new out of it and it turns out the new thing is better by miles than the old one. Normally you would refer to those situations as life changing moments, I prefer to call them perspective changing moments. So far I’ve encountered two such moments, where the universe or karma or whatever you might call it was determined to teach me a lesson.

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Travel, similar to other activities, requires inspiration. When I was at the beginning of my travel adventure the bucket list included destinations like Paris, London, Rome, Berlin, all those big European capitals which I heard about at school. Later the bucket list evolved to destinations like Thailand, China, Brazil or Israel. Now it includes Peru, Bolivia, New Zealand and Cuba. All nice and good but the inspiration needs to come from somewhere. Not denying that geography lessons at school were a huge inspiration in the beginning. Later books, especially those by Frances Hodgson Burnett, Alexandre Dumas or Agatha Christie. Speaking to fellow travellers when on the road or my travel obsessed friends was also a huge inspiration. The largest of all however are documentaries, movies and all the cool filming locations you see on screen.

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Random Act of Kindness

Source of the pic @successpictures

What do you hear when you turn on a news channel on TV? Reports about politics, violence, fraud, natural disasters, accidents, robbery etc. Sadly bad news sells better hence the news channels are full of it. Actually, no wonder that after watching that kind of news constantly, some might think that the world is an awful and dangerous place where everybody wants to hurt or trick you.

We rarely hear about everyday heroes or average people who do good things to strangers because it feels right. That just doesn’t bring enough ratings. It’s not revealing that there are good and bad people everywhere, it’s just a matter how you perceive the world. During my travels I’ve encountered lots of kindness from locals or fellow travellers which ended up in funny situations.

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Travel Transformation

Did you notice that travel got easier in the past ten years? I still remember when I had to print flight tickets, hotel reservations and carry maps of multiple cities when going abroad. Now everything is on my phone in different apps like booking.com or iPhone wallet. Instead of paper maps we have google maps… regardless I still get constantly lost as I have no sense of direction and my navigation goes something like… oh Zara I have to turn right. Also the low cost airlines made a big development jump or visa requirements even cashless payments or ATM transactions. With all those positive changes there is a huge negative one… garbage.

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Travel stages and perspectives

I already mentioned to ya all that traveling is an addiction that I’m planning to fuel for as long as I can but lately I’ve also noticed that my travel passion had different stages and at each stage my expectations were different. It went from summer vacation once a year, through binge traveling and photographing everything there is, to picking my destinations cautiously with a special purpose. Actually not sure how that happened but pretty sure scuba diving did contribute a lot to the change.

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What do you truly desire?

Two more weeks and Lucifer will return to Netflix. That actually made me think about our desires and the eternal unanswered question – what do women want? Many men say that women don’t know what they want. Interesting but did you ever try to rephrase the question? Maybe we don’t know what we want but we definitely know what we don’t want, what we need and what we desire. Hence a short guide for Guys from my perspective on women’s needs and desires.

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The Unexpected

Most accidents happen at home. Currently couldn’t agree more with that statement. Thursday I was practising yoga as usual and driven by curiosity decided to try out a new posture, fallen angel. The angel did indeed fall as I lost balance and hurt my wrist. Thought, meh no big deal, hurts a bit but will go away tomorrow. I was wrong. When I woke up the next day my wrist was twice the size and it hurt as hell.

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Who wants to, finds a solution, who doesn’t finds a reason, did my Dad say after I was constantly finding excuses for not doing the dishes. Was around eleven when he said that to me, subconsciously I applied that rule throughout my life and only lately in my thirties realised that the Old Man war right again! If I’m determined to do or to have something I search for solutions and explore each possibility, there is. I’m like a knight who fights even when wounded and bleeding but still can lift herself on the sword and is able to hold and swing the sword. Only give up when stabbed to death. Lately my determination is at its peak. During covid times there are many restrictions and even more activities I want to do so I don’t have the feeling of wasted time and most of all I don’t wanna get crazy while working from home the whole time.

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