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I’m Alice and you just landed in my version of Wonderland. A single traveler who is passionate about scuba diving, yoga and food. Thanks for visiting! First time to the site? Click one of the buttons or keep scrolling.

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How did you…

… visit 85 countries by the age of 35? Traveling is an addiction which I’m successfully fuelling for the past 22 years and don’t plan to stop for the years to come. On the contrary I want more and trust me it’s not always about…

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Manage fear

If I got one dollar every time people ask me if I’m not afraid to travel alone, Bill Gates would look like a bagger. Of course there is the danger factor as to everything we do, but to be frank each of us is taking…

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Alone vs. Lonely

Those are two different states. Being alone doesn’t mean that you are lonely and opposite you can feel lonely in a crowd of people. Alone and lonely are creatures which come out unexpectedly from the deepest, darkest corners of our mind when we least expect…

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Travel stages and perspectives

I already mentioned to ya all that traveling is an addiction that I’m planning to fuel for as long as I can but lately I’ve also noticed that my travel passion had different stages and at each stage my expectations were different. It went from…

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Who do you wanna be when you grow up?

Today we are celebrating International Children’s Day, so as cheesy as it may sound, who do you wanna be when you grow up? A doctor? A firefighter? Or Darth Vader maybe? The beauty of a children’s mind is that it’s not contaminated with the whole…

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A happily ever after

Last week my friend broke up with her boyfriend after six years of being together. There were marriage and happily ever after plans but didn’t work out. Now my friend constantly hears: oh you wasted six years of your life and now you have to…

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  • Bohol, Tarsier Monkey

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Dating after 30

It’s my favorite topic as dating after 30 is multidimensional. Seriously! It’s not only awwwwww look at his beautiful eyes, but it’s experience focused. As after 30 you are more chilled out and self-confident not thinking that your boobs are too small you have fun out of dating. If the one appears by any chance…

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30 and Fabulous!

Did you have the same odd feeling as I had before turning 30? The feeling that one third of your life is over and you haven’t accomplished anything? That there is nothing more waiting for you, and you ended up like the grasshopper that didn’t prepare for the winter? Nothing more wrong.

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